Reflections on a First Year

First Year. Glendon. Where to start?
This year has been such an incredible adventure. The last 8 months have rocketed by and I have enjoyed every moment of it.  I have met amazing people and I have felt so comfortable at school, Glendon really is my second family.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Asha Collins, I’m a first-year International Studies major from Toronto.  I’m a commuter, I was on Blue Team for Frosh Week, and I really love Glendon.  I enjoy photography, vlogging, music and bad jokes.  I’m passionate about social issues and I love talking to people about anything from how much I love Harry Potter (which is a lot if you were wondering) to how much I love Glendon (which rivals my love of Harry Potter)

My face 🙂

Before school started I took part in both Jumpstart and Frosh Week.  During the two weeks I learned so much and I made some of my closest friends at Glendon now.  Frosh Week was super rad because not only do you get the chance to meet your first year peers, but also you get the chance to get to know the upper year students as well.  Frosh Week is kind of feels like summer camp, but you get to see all your friends all year around.  And, contrary to popular belief, your d-froshes can be your friends, they are truly awesome people.

Blue Team Love!!!

After the wild week that is Frosh, school really starts. University life is one I had to get used to.  For 14 years of your life, when in school, you are told exactly what to do from 9-3:30, you have all the same classes every day and it’s a pretty inflexible schedule.  In university, your classes can be anytime between 9am and 9pm, you have a lot of spare time and it is very easy to waste that time.  The key to success is to know yourself and how you work best.

Another thing that has helped me to feel a part of the school is how easy it is to get involved.  There are so many opportunities to find something that you’re interested and to be involved.  Whether you are interested in joining a department association or the music ensemble, there’s something that you can be engaged in.  In the off chance that there is a group that would like to be a part of, but and don’t see on campus, remember, all Glendon students can join the clubs at Keele Campus, or you can start a club!  I co-founded GLmetowe, Glendon’s very own Me to We club.  I have been involved with Me to We since 7th grade and I wanted to bring my passion to Glendon.  We did all the paper work, wrote a constitution and started our club and we have had great support of our club and the campaigns that we have run.

GLmetowe Team

I am so happy with my choice to come to Glendon.  My program is ideal for me and I love the environment of the school.  Everyone is so friendly and even though I don’t live on residence, Glendon really feels like home.

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