Extra-Curricular Activities Are Important Too!!!

Aside from my classes which I really enjoyed, I got to be involved in the school community as well. In my opinion, I think a crucial part of being a student is to get involved in your school community, and you don’t necessarily have to take a leadership role, but it’s really good to join clubs, go to events or just talk to people! Glendon is one big family and it is an amazing feeling to be a part of that!



There are so many clubs at Glendon!  At the 1st clubs day, I signed up for practically all the clubs, knowing fully well that I would not be able to join them all.  The majority of my energy went into GLmetowe this year.  Bryan Hansraj and I co-founded GLmetowe in first semester after talking over the summer and getting really excited about bring Me to We to Glendon.  The process was a great learning opportunity. As first years, we had to immerse ourselves in the Glendon Community, making connections with the Aaron Doupe and David Ip Yam of Student Affairs (We spoke to them about how to start a club during Jumpstart. Yeah. We’re keeners. It’s fine.), as well as branching out to the student body to see who would be interested in joining our club (you need 15 people to show interest in order to start a club).  I met some really cool people during the process of starting up the club as well as during our meetings and events!


Academic Activities

If you want to stay on the academic side of things, there are groups for you too!  This year I was involved with the International Studies Symposium as part of the volunteer team.  It was a great experience!  As volunteers we got to sell tickets and promote the event as well as decorate for the event.  On the day of the Symposium, we all had different roles.  One of my responsibilities was a panel assistant.  I got to interact with the attendees and panelists in addition to circulating the microphones during the question period.  The Symposium was an amazing event and I encourage you to join the volunteer team or to attend as a guest!


Most departments have their own Student Association, so you can join those and get to know your peers and professors.  Next year I hope to be a part of the International Studies Students Association (ISSA) and I recently joined the Glendon Journal of International Studies team.  I’m really excited to be working with the team on the 8th publication of the journal!


Events are a great way to meet new people or have fun with your friends!  You will have a selection of at least 3 events a week (there are usually more). Thursdays are Pub Nights and because most people don’t have classes on Fridays, it’s usually a super fun night.  The on-campus Pub Nights are a lot of fun and are always all ages.  The off-campus Pub Nights, if you’re going, make sure it’s all ages (if you’re 19, no need to worry).


If Pub Nights aren’t your scene, be sure to check out Café Chantant, a coffee-house style event that happens in Lunik, the café in the Glendon Manor.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend but I will for sure be going to Café Chantants next year.

There are also amazing events like the Charity Ball (All of YorkU) and the Glendon Formal where you get to dress up all fancy and have an awesome time with your friends!  Make sure that you keep up with what’s happening through Facebook, Twitter, the Student Services Newsletter and the Posters around campus!

Charity Ball

Some Tips for General Student Life

–          Talk to people in your class.
Glendon is pretty small.  You will probably see your classmates around campus.  Don’t be afraid to say hi and talk to them.  Even if you aren’t in the same year, it doesn’t matter.  Everyone is here to learn.  It’s very likely that you will hit it off with someone, they might become your best friend, or they can just be your friend you sit beside in class


–          Take advantage of Student Space.
There are 3 main “Student Spaces”; the COE, the Breezeway, and Lunik.  The Center of Excellence (A wing) has lots of comfy chairs and benches.  You will also find the Lion’s Den there!  The breezeway is a great place to hang out or study.  Many events happen in the breezeway (sometimes free food!) and the foosball table never fails to attract a crowd.  Also in the breezeway, you will find the GCSU office and Richard’s Room!  Lunik is the student-run café in the basement of the Manor.
And don’t forget to take advantage of the gorgeous green space when the weather is nice!


–          Even though the GL campus is small, you will probably find someone to talk to between Point A and Point B. I frequently have the intention to quickly pass through the breezeway, but I often stop to chat with my friends for a few minutes and then it’s 15 minutes later and I remember the reading that I told myself I would do.

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