Happy Canada Day!!!

Canada Day is one of my favourite holidays because we get to celebrate the greatness of our beautiful country.  I thought that today I would share my top 10 reasons I love this country.


10. “Canadian Problems”

Colour with a u. No we don’t all live in igloos, nor do we have a pet polar bear or moose. It’s pop, not soda… the list goes on, but they’re something all Canadians can relate to 🙂

9. Maple Syrup, Poutine and Tim Hortons

This one is pretty self-explanatory…

Maple syrup is delicious.  Maple anything is actually really good.  A favourite of my sister and I is maple candy (essentially hardened maple syrup in the shape of a maple leaf).  Also, when you dip your Canadian Bacon (Peameal Bacon) in maple syrup, you double the amount of “Canadian-ness” (and deliciousness) in your breakfast.  Anyone who says that they like table syrup better than maple syrup has either never tasted maple syrup or is lying to you.

Poutine, similarly to maple syrup, is delicious. Who knew fries, gravy and cheese curds would taste so good together? …Canadians, that’s who.
Now you don’t have to go all the way to Quebec for good poutine because many restaurants serve poutine, you can even order it at Costco when you’re all tired out from shopping.  Although, probably the best poutine I’ve ever eaten was when I was in Chicoutimi.  It was 2 am on our last night of Explore and we went to Chez Mamie for poutine. It was the so good.

Thirdly, Tim Hortons. Need I say more? I can barely get through the day at school without a Tim’s run.


(Also, special shout out to Ketchup Chips… I didn’t know until a few years ago that they were a Canadian thing!)

8. Travel

Canada is a huge country and it is FULL of beautiful places to visit.  We have everything from vast forests to shining lakes, rolling prairies to soaring mountains and three oceans.  There is a multitude of flora and fauna to see.  And if nature “isn’t your thing”, we also have amazing cities.  Across Canada there are so many places to visit and endless things to learn about.

7. Bilingualism

Oui, je parle français.  J’aime beaucoup que j’ai la chance d’apprendre le français.  Je pense que notre pays est plus dynamique à cause du mélange de l’anglais et de français en Canada.  C’est aussi, le bilinguisme est comme une clé qui peut ouvrir les portes d’opportunité.

6. Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is a fantastic thing! I love that our country enables everyone to celebrate their own culture at the same time being as being Canadian.  It’s also great that we are able to share our cultures and experience different cultures.  When people ask me what my background is, I could tell them that I am a mix of Trinidadian, Indian, Irish and Portuguese, but instead, I say “I am Canadian”, because that is what I am.

5. Music

The Canadian music scene is SO underrated.  Many of my favourite artists are Canadian.  We have amazing musicians in all genres and styles of music in both English and French.  Of course we have our really famous Canadian musicians like Céline Dion, Hedley and Michael Bublé, but we also have a lot of lesser known artists and bands.  If you need some Canadian bands to kickstart your Canadian Music experience, check out The Greenbank Trio, Whitehorse or Half Moon Run.  And if you want more, send me a message!

4. CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or the CBC, is our country’s national public radio and television broadcaster.  In my house, we are CBC junkies.  We always have CBC Radio 1 on in the kitchen.  It has made us cry, it has made us laugh and it has made us feel all the emotions in between.  I feel like CBC is a huge part of the Canadian identity.  It shares the stories of the country and teaches their audience about domestic and international community.


3. Our Flag

I mean, how much cooler can a flag look?  After many years of evolution, the flag we presently have was chosen to be the official national flag.  The two bars of red framing the white middle with a red maple leaf is easily recognizable and it looks amazing at international events such as the Olympics.

2. Education

Of course there is always room for improvement, but Canada has a good education system.  I have had the privilege of attending school for free all through elementary school and high school and having the opportunity to continue my studies at university.  In addition to the classroom learning, I have had opportunities to learn beyond the classroom in extracurricular activities such as music, sports and volunteering.

1. I have the privilege to live in a place where I can be me.

I am so lucky to live in a country where freedom is free.  I have access to all the basic human rights and I have opportunities to learn and grow as a person.  And for that I am grateful.

I hope you all had a great Canada Day!


Until Next Time 🙂


Song of the week:
In Canada – Chris Hatfield

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