On Being a Leader and a Mentor (But Also FROSH!)

Hello Friends!!!!

I know it’s been a while, but I hope that after you celebrated your Canadianness on the 1st of July, you continued to have a fantastic summer!  I hate to break it to you though, summer is almost over.  BUT, that means that…


Easy A Yay

Frosh Week was one of my favourite weeks of my First Year.  Frosh, or Orientation Week is a week for new students to Glendon/York University to become acquainted with the school, their peers and the city.  It is PACKED full of fun, diverse events that strives to interest everyone.  It pumps up the school spirit of which we have so much.  Whether you are a commuter or you live on residence, you get to meet so many first year students and a fair number of upper year students who have volunteered and been selected to be your D-Frosh (Orientation Week Leaders).

I think back to this time last year, when I was starting my new adventures at Glendon and I remember how excited I was, but how I was also a lot more nervous than I let on.  I was pretty scared to start anew, especially because throughout High School, I was with the same group of people for 4 years due to my program.  Although, I look at the fantastic year that I had and I don’t regret a thing!

D-Frosh  have to be trained to ensure that Frosh Week is the best it can possibly be for all participants, but especially the Froshies.   During one segment of training, we watched a TED Talk called “The Lollypop Moment”.  I highly recommend watching it.  The 6 minute video showed the audience how influential someone in a mentorship role could be, and how they may not even realize how much of an impact it had on the other person.  It was then that I really realized how much my Frosh Week influenced me.  This year, my D-Froshes were some of my best friends and most amazing mentors.   Whether it was just waving or having a conversation or a hug, I felt like they were always there for me and they inspired me to apply to be a D-Frosh as well.  I don’t know if they know how much they made my year better, but I hope that they know how great their impact is.  I know that they will keep being the amazing people that they are and that they will continue to make a difference in the lives of other students.

I LOVE meeting new people and being able to be a mentor to them.  Through GLMetoWe, the club I co-founded, and in my newer positions of leadership and mentorship (on council and as an e-ambassador), I am realizing how much influence I can have.  And honestly, while I acknowledge that that fact scares me, but I know that being scared will push me to be the best I can be.

I’m so excited to be a D-Frosh! Frosh was such an important experience for me and I can’t wait to share it with the new first years.  AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU AT GLENDON FROSH WEEK 2014!!!! #OuitheBlue

Look how excited we all are! (Photo Creds: Anthony Brum)

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