Was IB Really Worth It?

I was in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in High School.  The IB program is an international education program that encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners (ibo.org).  Like I said in my previous post, it was a rigorous program and much of my time was devoted to doing school work.  For sure there were moments where I asked myself why I was still doing it, but I really enjoyed the program.


People have said to me “Oh you did IB? You didn’t really need to because you’re still studying in Canada” or “What was the point if you didn’t leave home for university?”  Those comments make it seem like the only point in doing the IB Diploma Program was to study abroad, but there is so much more to the program than that.

tina fey - rude

Throughout my four years in the program I learned so many valuable skills and I was given the opportunity to learn about topics that my friends in the regular OSSD program were not exposed to such as the Theory of Knowledge course that we took in Grade 11. I found the class challenging and I loved the discussions it sparked.  In university I was able to use the information I obtained from that class in some of my courses.

Many students say that one of the biggest shocks when they start university is the workload and the amount of homework, but I feel that the IB Diploma Program prepared me to know how to manage the amount of work in university.  In addition, one of the requirements of the IB Diploma Program is to write the Extended Essay.  The Extended essay is a 4000 word research paper on a topic of the student’s choosing.  The experience of writing the research paper prepared me for the level of research and the quality of writing that is required at the university level. And to top it all off, I was awarded 18 transfer credits because I achieved a level 5 or higher in my subjects I took at the higher level!

Yay for transfer credits!
Yay for transfer credits!

In addition to the academic side, in my case, the IB program gave me the skills to “start fresh”.  I chose to transfer from the Late French Immersion program that I was in from grade 6-8 (middle school) and leave all my friends behind (including my best friend who I’ve known since the first day of kindergarten and who was in every one of my classes from JK to grade 8).  Needless to say it was a huge change and meant that I had to make new friends in high school.  Starting university was a similar experience, I didn’t know anyone who was going to Glendon from high school, but because of my experiences I was able to make new friends very quickly.

So the question again is “Was IB worth it?” and to that I say Yes. It most definitely was worth it.

Song of the Week! On My Way Home – Pentatonix
This week Pentatonix dropped their new album and the whole this is so fab so check it out! This is my favourite song on the album. Enjoy!

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