Where in the world!?

My program is International Studies and I’m enrolled in the Honours international Bachelor of Arts (iBA) program.  The iBA option was one of the many reasons I decided Glendon was the place for me.  The requirements of the iBA program include taking internationally focused courses, getting credits in your non-dominant language (French for me, but for others, English), and possibly the most exciting part, an International Exchange.

Exchange though... Travel, Learning, Food
Exchange though… Travel, Learning, Food

Last week, the informational sessions were held at Glendon for students who want to go on Exchange.  The presentations were packed full of important information such as what the process of applying for exchange is through Glendon and York.  Through Glendon, students can go on an international exchange to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico or the Netherlands.  Through the York International Program there are many more options.

All The Places!
GO GLOBAL with York International!

I am in the process of choosing my top universities I would like to attend next year and I’m considering the programs that are offered and if they would be compatible with my degree.  I am also trying to figure out if it will be financially plausible to go abroad for a full year (which would be ideal).  I am going to reach out to Glendonites and students from other colleges who have gone on exchange to talk to them about their experiences so I can make an informed decision on where I apply to study.

Hoping to end up around here :)
Hoping to end up around here 🙂

I am very excited to go on exchange!  I have had fantastic experiences traveling with my family during the summers since I was very young, but we have never left the continent.  I am looking forward to learning about new cultures and also learning about the international world from a non-Canadian perspective.  Furthermore, I haven’t lived away from home before (except when I went to Chicoutimi for 5 weeks) and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live at home, but it will be an invaluable learning experience to live independently.

Deciding where to apply to university is a very difficult decision in grade 12, and I’m finding it equally as difficult to do it for my upcoming term/year abroad.  Until I figure it out, I have resorted to Buzzfeed quizzes to decide my future for me (as any procrastinating student does).

I’ll go… HERE!

Wish me luck in my decision process, and I wish you luck in yours.

If you want to read more about exchanges, check out Jennifer’s Posts! You can also read about Gillian and Michelle’s experiences from last year!

Song of the Week – Music of The Night – Peter Joback and Ramin Karimloo 
I found this on tumblr (obviously) and I wasn’t one bit disappointed!

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