Why I Chose Glendon!

Community, Internationalism and French.  That’s what I was looking for as my selection process for university began.  Many factors played into my decisions for where to apply, such as proximity to home and the ideal program.  In my research I found several options, but none of them really excited me.  In conversation with my best friend about choosing universities, Glendon was mentioned.  She told me about a program that would probably interest me because it was internationally focused and the French language is already built into the degree.

My parents convinced me to attend Fall Campus Day and the moment I stepped onto campus, I felt welcome.  I had been to the Ontario University Fair twice and I had attended several campus days.  None of the visits made me feel the way I did during the time I spent visiting Glendon.  I know that I thrive in a small, tightly knit community and at Fall Campus Day, I immediately got the sense that Glendon had the atmosphere I was looking for.

The Glendon Gates
The Glendon Gates

The next step was the program… International Studies.  I didn’t know which part of the International System I was particularly passionate about.  International Relations, International Development, and Peace and Conflict Studies were some of the areas I was interested in.  When I spoke to Professor Montsion, one of the International Studies professors, I learned that the International Studies program gave students an opportunity to study the International System in a holistic manner, incorporating the study of various disciplines to explain the way in which our world works.  Later in the day, I went to a presentation about the international Bachelor of Arts (iBA) program.  I learned that an international exchange and a larger bilingual requirement was part of the iBA degree.  An international exchange was one of the things that was on my “in a perfect world” list for university.  The French requirement also was a component that I was excited about.  I didn’t think that those two factors would be so easily incorporated into my degree.  By the end of the day, I had fallen in love.  The campus tour that we got from Francette was fun while also being full of good information.  Everyone that my parents or I spoke to had great answers and were so excited to talk about the school.

excited dar
Me by the end of Fall Campus Day!

When I applied to university, I did choose my top three because I felt it was a waste not to.  Glendon, Waterloo and University of Toronto were my top three choices, but really, if I could have, I would have applied to International Studies (iBA) at Glendon three times.

Fall Campus Day 2014 is coming up soon! The Keele Campus Day is Saturday November 8th and the Glendon Campus day is Sunday November 9th.  Fall Campus Day is the perfect day to learn about the university and to see if it’s the right place for you! Hope to see you there! 🙂

bears waving
Me and the Recruitment Team when we see you next weekend!

Song of the Week – That’s Christmas to Me – Pentatonix
I had to! Halloween is over that means Christmas starts!!!
(If you didn’t know, I really love Christmas)

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