Like a Tuesday

On Wednesday, Michelle posted this image on Facebook and I got inspired.  In a world of “I can’t even”s being uttered at least once a day, this image is a reminder to stay positive and to believe in yourself.

For most people, students and non-students alike, November is a pretty blah month.  It gets cold, the trees are losing all their leaves and not in the super pretty way like in October, and workloads are becoming overwhelming.  For me, November has been very busy.  Presentations, tests and essays are due and the deadlines seem to sneak up on you even if you are prepared.  In addition, in my position on the Glendon College Student Union (GCSU) Council I planned and executed York U Red and White Spirit Day at Glendon and a collaboration event with GLmetowe and the GCSU, Glendon Gives Back.

Recently, I’ve been feeling unmotivated to do my homework.  I get it done, but I seem to be procrastinating more than I usually do.  In chatting with my friends, they seem to be feeling the same way.  I saw a post on tumblr the other day talking about the “Sophomore Slumps”.  It basically compared second year to a Tuesday in the sense that the excitement of being in university has mostly worn off after first year and people expect you to know more things because it’s your second year of school (even if you still haven’t learned about it). I have always said that Tuesday is the worst day of the week because you can’t complain about it being Monday, but it’s not the middle of the week yet.  I think the only good thing about Tuesdays is that you can find half-priced chicken wings at many sports bars and half-priced movie tickets at Cineplex.  Unfortunately, the whole half-priced metaphor doesn’t work in university (imagine if it did though, half-priced tuition in second year. It would be a sure-fire way to make us happier).

This past Wednesday, when I stopped by the GCSU office during my break, my friend Ritchie was in the office.  We started chatting and he told me that the only thing that got him through his second year was being motivated for exchange.  I told him about the schools I’m applying to and he told me all about his experience in Germany.  He was so excited to share his stories and he promised me that one day when we had more time, he would tell me about all the tricks he learned about living and traveling in Europe.

I’ve been thinking about my exchange and doing research every day!  I am very excited for the process.  The application deadlines are December 15th for York International and January 12th for Glendon.  Those dates sound far away, but I know that I have to start asking professors for reference letters, request my transcript and fill out all the paperwork which includes a study plan and a budget (omg what).

I can get overwhelmed when I have difficult things to do and that can make me procrastinate more, but I because I am very excited for the opportunity to go abroad (wherever that may take me) I am putting everything I have into my work.  To tie it back to the image at the beginning of this post, “I Can Even” is going to be my catchphrase.  I hope you too, dear reader, are starting to get excited about being at a new school in the fall, and that new opportunities will be your reason to say “I Can Even“.

Song of the Week – Little Things – One Direction but performed by Ed Sheeran 
Yes. I like One Direction. I went to their concert with my best friend this summer. And the original version of this song got me through a lot.  And Ed Sheeran’s version makes me very happy.  (Inspired by Sonia’s post about not having to explain why you love something)

Also, look at these puppies in the snow

One thought on “Like a Tuesday

  1. This post is excellent. I’m definitely feeling a bit of sophomore slump (hehe, this is also a term book bloggers use for 2nd novels in a series!) and you’re right, it’s a weird kind of time for university. I’m glad you’re finding your motivation again!

    Your song of the week makes me v v v happy :))) YAY UNEXPLAINED BOY BAND LOVE! I find Little Things a really great song to sing to for some reason!

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