#ONEWORD365: Self-Care

Happy New Year Friends!
I hope you all had a relaxing break and have had a good start back to school!

The eAmbassador team has done the One Word 365 challenge for a few years, so I thought I’d write about my word for 2015 too.  My word is Self-Care.  I think Self-Care is a concept that can encapsulate a variety of things but still has one end goal, to understand yourself.  I have never been very good at self-reflection but it’s something that I think I should work on.  Sometimes I have many thoughts going through my head and I rarely vocalize them (This is bad. Don’t do it).  My goal is to be mindful to engage in self-care in both my academic life and my personal life.


1) Academic Life

Mindfulness needs to come into play by me setting more realistic goals for myself.  Ideally I would like to have an 8.0 or higher GPA (out of 9.0 #yorkuscale).  However, while that may not sound like a hugely unrealistic goal, I have to remind myself that I am taking more complex courses in second year.  Going from relatively straight forward introduction courses to more advanced, discipline specific courses can result in somewhat lower grades due to the adaptation to newer writing and analysis techniques.  I am also taking classes taught in French which is a big challenge.  I plan to work as hard as I can and to accept that sometimes I expect too much of myself. Although, if I stay organized, manage my time and ask questions I still might be able to reach my target GPA.

No More of This! Procrastination that is... dapper-ness can stay
No More of This! Procrastination that is… Dapper-ness can stay

2) Personal Life

I mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts that a goal for the year is to avoid becoming overwhelmed by school work so that  I can participate more in the activities I enjoy. I haven’t been completely overwhelmed by school work so far (excluding finals period because everyone is stressed and overwhelmed during that time) but I want to do more things that I enjoy doing.  Primarily, I want to take more pictures, read more books, make more videos, and play more music.  In addition to doing more things that make me happy, generally being mindful of sleeping well, eating better and going to the gym (aka conquering the death stairs (the 80+ stairs to the Glendon Athletic Club)) are also on the agenda for 2015.

dc guitar1

Did you make any New Years Resolutions or have you thought about your #OneWord365?  Share in the comments and we can work towards our goals together! Here’s to a successful 2015!

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Song of the week: George Ezra – Listen to the Man
Can we just appreciate Ian McKellan in this video ❤

3 thoughts on “#ONEWORD365: Self-Care

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  2. We can literally appreciate Sir Ian McKellan in EVERY VIDEO EVER, Asha. ❤

    Self-care is so important!! We'll keep each other on track this year (um hi procrastination). 2015 is going to be a good one 🙂

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