Frosh, Friends and the Glendon Community

One of my favourite things about school is meeting new people. Throughout high school, I was lucky to be a peer mentor as well as the president of the social justice club which allowed me to meet many new students. Being in a small IB class, I was with the same group of students for all my classes and it was uncommon to have new students enroll. Although, in grade 11, we got a “new kid”.  Luckily for our class, Aquino is one of the nicest people ever – he ended up being one of my really good friends. You never know when and where you will meet someone you click with.

My High School Class
My High School Class

In university, there are so many more opportunities to meet new people. The best way to start meeting people is participating in first year activities – what I refer to as Frosh. Frosh includes your enrollment appointment, chatting in the Facebook group, participating in Jumpstart and in Orientation (Frosh) Week, in class, in the clubs you join, the events you go to, or even just smiling at someone in the breezeway. The atmosphere at Glendon is particularly conducive to making friends; our community is quite small and after a few weeks, you start recognizing many people. I have been lucky to have made friends with some really cool people. I have met people from all over the city, province and country as well as international students who now call Glendon home. Everyone has a unique story to tell. Some people have similar experiences to you and some people have totally different experiences from you. That’s one of the things that make our community so rich.

Glendon Formal 2014
Glendon Formal 2014

It also doesn’t stop when you become friends with people. Think of it a bit like a Sims game. When you meet another Sim, you become acquaintances, but as you keep talking, your friendship levels up – it’s like that in real life too. In the last year and a half, I have not only made friends, but I have also learned more about them and we have connected based on common interests. Bryan and I started talking online before Jumpstart thanks to the #GL2017 Facebook group. The Facebook group is great because you are able to ask questions about your program and about Glendon, and you can connect with people who have similar interests as you and start a conversation. There is also a Facebook group for parents where they can ask questions too – I know my mom found it useful when I was starting school.

Jumpstart 2013
Jumpstart 2013 (can you spot baby Asha, Bryan and Kiera?)

When Bryan and I met on the first day of Jumpstart, we hit it off face to face (sometimes you can like someone online, but not in real life) and we’ve been friends ever since. Jumpstart is a fantastic program that helps you get settled into the university environment. There are different workshops throughout the day, guest speakers – both faculty and upper year students, and activities that help you get to know your peers. In the past year and a half, Bryan and I have worked side by side both in classes as well as on GLmetowe, on the GCSU council and on the eAmbassador team. We have gotten to know each other very well both professionally and personally. He has inspired me to be a better leader and is someone I consider to be one of my best friends.

Look how cute we are ♥
Look how cute we are ♥

While I was excited to meet new people at the start of university, I was nervous about making friends. I was the only person coming to Glendon from my high school. I was also very close to the people in my class and at my school so the thought of leaving them was somewhat daunting. I’m glad I took the risk to follow my own path and I do stay in touch with my high school friends. People say that your best friends will be made in high school, and while that can be the case, it isn’t always true – there are always new friendships waiting to happen.

Song of the Week: I couldn’t choose between two songs this week, so you get 2 songs of the week!

Bed of Lies – Nicki Minaj  Bryan has been playing this so much that I am now obsessed with it too

Ghost – Ella Henderson BBC Live Lounge… that’s all you need to know to understand my love

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