Get Social. Get Involved. Get Glendon-ed!

It was one of those weeks… you know the ones.  You have papers to do, events to host, pictures to take, fun to have… and it’s all happening at the same time!  Three big events were held by the Glendon College Student Union this week, two of which I helped to plan.  Coming down from the excitement and success of these events, I thought that I’d tell you about them.


I’m going to start with a bit about the Glendon College Student Union.  The GCSU is best known for the cheapest printing on campus, however, that is not the only thing we do.  Every student who is affiliated with Glendon College is a member of the GCSU; the GCSU council is the group of student representatives.  As a Student Union, we host activities and events, which will enhance our students’ university experience, contributing to the educational and social experience of the College in a safe community.  The GCSU also works to effectively represent the student body and its interests by advocating for students within the community and works to enhance the bilingual character of Glendon College by providing services and opportunities to students in both French and English.


This year, my role on the GCSU Council is Councillor.  Each Councillor has a representative position, they also work with the Executive team to plan and organize events, and to reach out to the student body so their voice is being heard.  My representative position is “Spirit Rep” and I work with VP Clubs Bryan Hansraj and VP Campaigns and Advocacy Abinaya Arungunanayagam.

Office Hours!

On Wednesday February 25th, the GCSU held a charity gala event called Sign for Change, spearheaded by the Campaigns and Advocacy Committee.  Our goal was to raise money to send a deaf child to the Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf.  We chose to donate to the Bob Rumball Center for the Deaf in an effort to diversify our community outreach. The center is an organization in our community (about a 5 minute drive from Glendon) that we felt is important and it’s not a cause that many people know about.  The gala was held in the ballroom of the Glendon Manor and was filled with great music, fun games to play and wicked raffle prizes to win.  By the end of the night, we had reached our fundraising goal of $600 so we are happy to say that there will be a child being sent to camp by Glendon College!

On Thursday February 26th, it was Glendon Spirit Day! Spirit Days are some of my favourite days of the school year because everyone shows off their school spirit and there’s a Frosh week vibe to the day.  As “Spirit Rep” I organized the whole day and the Councillors and First Year Representatives helped to run the stations we have set up around the campus. Along with free popcorn and cotton candy, button making, a J’aime GL wall, and a photobooth, this semester’s Spirit Day also included the launch of our new line of Glendon Spirit Wear!

On Thursday Evening, the GCSU and GLGBT* co-hosted Pub Crawl.  It was a perfect end to a stressful week.  I got to go out with my best friends and have a good time (not worrying about the papers that are due next week).  After Pub Crawl, I slept over in rez with my friends and we had a pizza party to end off the night.

Pre-Pub Crawl with Ritchie, Jelena, Bryan and Mac

All of these events are possible during the year because of the strong involvement of the student community. You don’t have to be a committee member or an organizer to contribute to campus life and activities. Attendees are the core contributors to successful events.

Friends who attended Sign for Change! Tiana, Taylor and Danielle

If you are interested in getting involved on the GCSU Council next year, elections happen in early October for Councillors and First Year Representatives, and early March for the Executive positions, Councillors and Senators.  I would highly recommend running for a position because you get to meet so many new people during your campaigning period and if you win you get to be part of a really cool team.  If you want to know more about the GCSU Elections, Myron wrote a post about them in the fall.

Throwback to Spring 2014 Elections

Tomorrow is Expérience Glendon: our Spring Open House!  Make sure to visit the Student Life Fair to learn about some of the clubs and organizations on campus (including GLmetowe and the GCSU).  You might see some familiar faces!

Song of the Week:
Like Real People Do – Hozier

Photo Note: This week, pictures are a collection from Kelly Lui, Bryan Hansraj, Nadia Edwards and my own pictures 🙂

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