Trying New Things: RAGE Volleyball

Rage Volleyball – An overnight volleyball tournament hosted by Sports and Recreation at York University.

Each semester Sports and Recreation hosts a RAGE (overnight) sports event.  In the fall semester we have RAGE Dodgeball and in the winter semester we have RAGE Volleyball.  Each Collage can submit teams to compete and you register by contacting your VP Athletics.  The one of the best things about RAGE Volleyball is that it doesn’t matter what your skill level is.  You can be playing anywhere between the “When was the last time you played volleyball?” level  to the “I’m basically a professional” level.

This year Glendon entered 5 teams into the tournament which is very exciting because Glendon has the reputation of not being able to play sports – which isn’t true if you were wondering.  I was on a team with Bryan, Marc and Shefali.  Our team was playing in a pool that didn’t have much experience playing volleyball – so we fit right in.  The Round Robin games started at 9pm and ended around 1am.  After that, the elimination rounds began.  Unfortunately our team didn’t win any games, but we played our hardest and we had a lot of fun.

Team Lionhearts
Team Lionhearts

One of the many things I love about Glendon is how much spirit we have.  During Frosh Week, when we visit Keele Campus, they know when Glendon is around.  That energy doesn’t stop after Frosh week either.  Throughout the tournament, all the Glendonites who were present made sure to cheer on our fellow players.  The comradery that was felt while playing was energizing and encouraging especially when you were losing.  Even though our team didn’t make it out of the Round Robin, other Glendon teams did much better.  One of our teams even made it to the quarter-finals!

Glendon Team Photo
Glendon Team Photo

By the end of the round-robin our arms had lost feeling and were swollen to about twice the normal size.  The bruises didn’t come until later in the day on Friday.  After that night, I realized that I enjoy playing volleyball and I’m not completely terrible; I’m looking forward to playing more.

Team Lionhearts in action
Team Lionhearts in action

Athletics is a great way to get involved when you come to Glendon.  You get to stay active and meet a lot of students from both campuses.  If you’re hesitant about playing intramural sports, try out a RAGE event.  I thought it wasn’t going to be my scene, but once I got to the event and started playing with my team, I realized that I should have done this earlier.  To get involved in intramurals, you contact the VP Athletics for Glendon at

Song of the Week: One Last Time – Ariana Grande
This song… It’s been stuck in my head for 3 days now… But I love her voice so it’s okay.

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