How’s Your Summer Going?

It’s going well, thanks for asking.  The winter semester of second year ended on April 19th when I handed in my 20th Century History exam to my professor –  then school was over and the summer fun began!

schools out

Well… I should rephrase that, school was over for two weeks.  I decided to take two courses in the summer term so that I could earn some extra credits.  I’m currently taking ILST 4683: Transnational Religious Social Movements and ILST 4611: War: It’s Meanings and Consequences. I’m working on the weekend, and I’m getting everything prepared for Exchange. Taking courses in the summer is quite enjoyable.  One of my good friends, co-council member, and fellow ILST Major, Seyoung is also taking these two courses.  For each class I’m taking, we have 3 hours of class twice a week.  For ILST 4611, we have class 12pm-3pm on Mondays and Wednesdays with Professor Awalou Ouedraogo, and for ILST 4683 we have class 12pm-3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Professor Sabine Dreher. So far, the lectures have been quite interesting and the assignments that we’ve had to do aren’t too strenuous.  Having classes every day also motivates you to keep up with your readings because the turn around time is so quick.

During the year, my favourite time to take courses is from 9am to 12pm, I tend to be the most focused and then your class is out of the way for the day and you have time to do other things like homework or extra-curriculars.  I decided to make use of the time I have before class (because I can get a ride to school in the morning) so Seyoung and I have started to hit the gym.  The Glendon Athletic Club is very quiet in the morning.  There are not many Glendonites that are at the gym at that time, so you don’t have to worry about having to talk to anyone when you’re tired and sweaty (#earlybirdperks).  After the gym, we still have more than enough time to review our readings, eat a snack, and chat with a few of our friends who are on campus before class starts.


On the Exchange front, TICKETS HAVE BEEN BOOKED! Wahoo! We fly to Amsterdam and then will take the train to Middelburg the next day.  I started a packing list 2 weeks ago, it is now 4 pages long. Figuring out how to pack all that stuff into 2 large suitcases is going to be a great time…  I’ve also started to do some research into places that I want to visit while I’m across the ocean.  My list may be a bit more than I can see in a year (read: poor student life may not allow for me to visit all the places that I want to).  But anyway, the countdown has begun, 75 days to be exact *omg*.

help me i'm poor

One suggestion I have to anyone who is coming from out of town to Glendon next year is to use Google Drive to organize all of your things.  I’ve created a folder that my parents also have access to so that anything exchange related can be plopped in there and everything is accessible and organized.  With the sharing permissions, my parents can also add anything they think is important to the lists or the sub-folders  I have created.

my drive

As I get closer to my departure date, I’m learning as much as I can in preparation for my year abroad.  I even got my Dutch Pride on today when my dad and I went to the Pre-FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament Friendly Match between Netherlands and Sweden at the York Lions Stadium.  Unfortunately the game was called off about 10 minutes into the second half when the lightning and thunder started, but I was a fun afternoon despite the rain.


As the summer continues, I will keep you updated on the adventures that are summer school and exchange.  Stay Tuned!

1. Part 3 of Coeur de Lion Chronicles was released this past week.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out here

2. I want to do a Q&A blog post, but I need your help! Ask me your Questions about ILST or Glendon Life in the comments below or Tweet me @AshaCGL

Song of the Week: Chandelier – Twisted Measure
I’m a sucker for anything acapella (yes I loved Pitch Perfect 2) and when I found this on Buzzfeed I cried.  Listen with headphones if you can.  Enjoy 🙂

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