Summer in the City

In my last post I had an overview of all the fun things I wanted to do in Toronto before I leave.  It’s been 28 days so far and I’ve been able to do some really cool things!

I took this shot from the boat tour we did with our Australian Cousins

As summer school was coming to a close, we took some short breaks to participate in the Toronto Pride events.  I mentioned that I saw Todrick Hall at the Launch Event with my friend Alli and, despite the rain, we walked in the parade with the York University float.


On the first weekend of July, I went to Oshawa to see a band in which my cousin Luke is the drummer.  I hadn’t seen them play since Christmas of 2013, so I was quite excited to hear them.  The Greenbank Trio is on tour with their friend Nick Sherman this summer.  I’d heard so much about Nick from my aunt and uncle, but before that evening’s show, I had never heard his music.  We got to the venue as he was playing his set and I immediately fell in love (not even a lil bit sorry).  And of course, the lovely Greenbank Trio was amazing as ever.IMG_0193
The next day Luke had a day off and our families got to spend some time together as we hadn’t seen Luke since Christmas.  That was super nice because I also won’t see him until I come home from Europe next summer (that is, if he’s not in Thunder Bay), and we got this pretty fantastic shot of the four cousins.


As part of the Pan Am Games entertainment,  The Greenbank Trio and Nick Sherman were in Toronto to play this past week.  The rest of my family came to see the shows.  On Thursday, The Greenbank Trio played an intimate acoustic set at Harbourfront in the “Celebration Zone”.  It was the first time I had heard them play acoustically and it was fantastic.  Last night, Nick Sherman played a set at the Aboriginal Pavilion at Fort York.  I had talked endlessly to my family about how great Nick is and they were quite impressed when they saw him perform last night.


There were also some concerts that I went to where I didn’t know the artists personally, which was pretty cool I guess 😉
Franco-Fête and Panamania are happening at Dundas Square and Nathan Phillip Square respectively.  They’re practically beside each other (only separated by the Eaton’s Centre) so it’s easy to see performances at both events.  So far I’ve seen Mélanie Brulée and Ariane Moffatt at Franco-Fête, and Mariana’s Trench and ‘Venom’, a ballet piece choreographed by principal dancer/choreographic associate at the National Ballet of Canada, Guillaume Côté (who we also got to meet).  I haven’t decided what other shows I’m going to go check out, but I’m sure if I’m downtown, something cool will be going on.  And I’m not going to pass up the chance to selfie with the Toronto sign!


Song of the Week: You get two songs this week! Two fantastic Canadian artists who have my love (and hopefully will gain yours too)

Ghost Town by Nick Sherman

Live Off The Land by The Greenbank Trio

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