What Success Means To Me: #GLSuccess Week

Drake once said, I want the money,/Money and the cars,/Cars and the clothes,/I suppose,/I just wanna be,/I just wanna be,/Successful, and I mean money, cars, clothes sounds pretty great, but is that really all success is?  The eAmbassador team decided that we wanted to share our ideas about success this week, so here’s my shot at it.

I feel like success is strongly enforced by the world around us as the most important thing in one’s life, framed around arbitrary measurements of what being successful is.  Realistically, I think that the pressure of success goes hand in hand with the fear of failure.  I’ll be honest, I am afraid of failure, and I hate that I have this mentality, but I think a lot more people are afraid to fail than will admit it to themselves, or to others.  I feel like one of the things that kick starts this, is when you do really well throughout school but by the end of high school the workload starts getting heavier, and it’s harder to get the high marks, and then you feel bad about not living up to the expectations that you have set for yourself.  I am slowly learning that sometimes failure, or not doing as well as you wanted to do, is beneficial.  It helps to put things in to perspective, and I have come to accept it as a learning opportunity.

Jennifer said in her post about success, “Success is not something you are.” I wholeheartedly agree.  Successful isn’t a state of being, but rather an individual accomplishment that can happen multiple times.  Look at it as a check point in one of the stories in your life, however big or small that story may be.  Success doesn’t just have to be something like graduating from university, or receiving a big promotion at your job, it can also be something like only buying food once during the week, or posting your blog on time ( 😉 ).

My ideas about success varies depending on whether I am thinking about the long term or the short term.  In my eyes, happiness, and being proud of myself is my idea of success.  For the long term, my ideas of success are to be able to support myself, have a stable career, a family, and of course, a dog.  For the short term, it’s the small things that make me happy.  Getting a good mark on an assignment, learning something interesting, playing a new song on my guitar, having a really good conversation with a friend are all little successes in my book.

Being on exchange, I feel like I’m experiencing more little successes than I do at home.  It may be that I am noticing them more, or that having to be so independent makes you have to be more successful in the little things you do.  Either way, it’s the little things that have made me feel successful.

I feel successful when I cook really good food,

I wasn't lying when I said that half of my exchange instagrams would be of food. #ashatakeseurope #exchange #food

A photo posted by Asha Collins (@ashamcollins) on

or when I learn more Dutch,

Riding my bike,


Not coming last when we play Mario Cart,


Remembering to do laundry before all my clothes run out


Going to a store and not having the cashier switch to English when they’re talking to you – I mean can’t really carry on a conversation, but I usually get the jist of what they’re saying, and I can say that I want to pay with my debit card, and I know the most important word, thank you (dankjewel if you were wondering).

Being able to relate something about Toronto, or Canada to class discussions,


and taking a trip by myself for the first time ever!


In the end, success is for you to define.  No one else should tell you that your success isn’t important or should be something else.

Now you know what success is to me, I’d love to hear what you have to say.  Leave a comment below, or tweet me at @AshaCGL and tell me how you define success.

Song of the Week: Love You More – Racoon
More Dutch music for you lovelies! Enjoy!

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