The Christmas Blues

It might be the stress of midterms, or that the holiday season is approaching, or that I’m almost halfway through my year abroad, but there’s something that is making me feel not as happy and energized as I usually do. Don’t get me wrong, approaching the four month mark, I am still enjoying studying and living abroad, but I guess I’m just missing home a bit more than usual.  

Usually by now I am in FULL Holiday mode: listening to Christmas music, counting down the days until the first weekend in December, aka Decorating Weekend, being excited for snow, trying to figure out the perfect gifts for my family, studying in the living room by the tree, making the incredibly long list of cookies I think we should make (even when my mom objects and lets us only choose one each), the list goes on.

Here in Middelburg, affectionately know as Middz, I am also stoked for Christmas, and my tree has been up since mid-November, but I don’t know, it’s just not the same.  The weather also isn’t helping (Dutch friends, don’t laugh, the cold contributes to the holiday feelings!).  It’s around 8 degrees in this part of the world, yes, it’s still raining, and there are NO prospects of snow in the near future, yet the heat in the stores are on FULL blast, so I guess that’s just like home.  I feel like a major part of getting excited for Christmas is pulling out the hats and mitts, complaining about the cold weather outside, and then complaining about the temperature in the mall, at school, or really anywhere that isn’t outside.

So Festive

I also just being home and being around my family.  My sister asking me if I want to eat hashbrowns at any point during the day, coming home after school and passing out in the basement while my grandma watches tv, my parents making sure I’m actually doing my homework, hearing the 1 pm time signal on CBC.  I’m mega excited for Tara to be coming to Middz in two weeks, visiting London and Amsterdam with her, and then coming home for three weeks!  I’m quite happy that UCR has a ridiculously long winter break (@YorkU, take note 😉 ).


Even though I don’t have my actual family, I really love my rez family.  They’re a great group of people, and I’m feel so lucky that I get to live with them for this half of the year, but more on that later.  And I do really love being on exchange in Middelburg.  The tiny small town vibe is very different from home, but I love that I can hop on my bike and be at school in about 5 minutes.

Part of the Sixtum Fam

All in all, I am still in love with being on exchange here in Middleburg, but I do miss home.  And, I could really go for a large Double Double, and some poutine.

Song of the Week: What Would You Do – Bastille

Title Song Reference: The Christmas Blues – Dean Martin

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2 thoughts on “The Christmas Blues

  1. courtneymallam

    Canada misses you, too! Hold in there, Asha. You’re so close to that Timmies fix – it’ll be nice to be home for 3 weeks, for sure! 🙂

  2. My Homesick Fix

    Great article. Thanks for sharing. I remember I was always so excited about coming home during the holiday breaks and seeing my friends that it would even overshadow the anticipation of the holiday. Such a great feeling and so much added excitement to the holiday season.

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