A Love Letter to Sixtum – Original Song

That’s it – my exchange term will be over in just over a week, and I absolutely don’t know what to do with myself.  I can’t believe the past year has gone by so quickly.  So many incredible things have happened, and I am definitely a different person from when I left home.

sad stitch

Now, when I have to talk about my feelings, I’m not so good at it, but watching Glee for six seasons (yes, I watched all the way through to the end) taught me that when you don’t have the words to say, find the words to sing.  I wrote this song during the past few weeks, and I wanted to share it as a way to express my love for my Dutch Family, because without them, this year would have been so different.  Also, I keep trying to sit down and write a blog post, but it’s just making me cry, so this also like the easier way.



When you are so far away from home
You need some one to lean on
Someone to hug you when you’re down
Someone to turn that frown upside down

Those late nights chatting life away
Or playing video games
Those’ll be the memories in my mind
So many are one of a kind

So I want thank you
want thank you
want thank you
For the best year
Of my life

Pancake breakfasts and laughter in the halls
Gezellig dinner time and wine on the walls,
Always there for a laugh or a cry
Always have some chocolate near by

Canada jokes will never get old
But also, I am just never cold
Let’s go the coconut mall today
Maybe I won’t come last place

So I want thank you
want thank you
want thank you
For the best year
Of my life

I know this ain’t really goodbye
And I’ll try really hard not to cry
Living so far is going to suck so much
Who’s going to help me learn Dutch

They say people come and people go
But they, they could never know
How much love is in my heart
And that love will never let us part

Song of the Week: Autumn – Paolo Nutini 
I’m in fricken love with this song and it hurts so bad ❤

also – this song seems fitting
Words – Darren Criss


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