#OneWord365: Learn

It’s still January, so I don’t feel too bad posting this (…even if it’s 27 days late)
For the past few years, the eAmbassador team has participated in the #OneWord365 Challenge, a New Year’s Resolution type challenge, where you chose a word to live by for the year.  I’ve been posting some Youtube content on our eAmbassador channel, so it’s finally time to share my word.  My word for this year is learn, and I’ve split it into three parts to explain why I chose it.


The first part of learning that I thought about is my academic and professional life.  I’m three weeks into my final semester at Glendon (omg), and I want to embrace all my learning opportunities.  I’m taking some really interesting courses this semester, and I’m excited to challenge myself to do my assignments on topics that I am passionate about.  This way I can expand my knowledge and stay motivated because i am enjoying the topics that I am writing about.  Professionally, I am working hard to develop my skills in writing, and media editing because at the moment I think that I want to pursue my interests in communications in the field of foreign affairs.  I know that the skills I’m learning and developing in my amazing on-campus job (being an eAmbassador) have the potential to help me in the future (any future students or parents of future students who want to hire me 😉 ).  I am also doing research into various masters programs that fit my interests, and will help me pursue my interests.  I have found a number of programs that I am curious about, now comes narrowing down what direction I want to go in, how I’m going to finance it, and how it will help me in the future.


The second part of learning that I find important is personal development.  I love reading, playing music, and taking photographs.  In university, you read A LOT, but it’s not always a book you want to read for fun.  Balancing time to learn more from stories is something I want to work on this year.  I also want to learn how to play my guitar and ukulele better (or just play them more often).  Taking photos is another thing I want to improve on, learning how to work all the settings on my camera, and learning how to use editing software like Adobe Lightroom to enhance my photographs is one of the learning goals I have for the year.


The third component of the idea of learning is unlearning.  This is a tricky one because you might ask yourself isn’t learning whole reason we are alive? To that I say, unlearning, or maybe relearning, is still learning.  Unlearning is the act of critically reflecting on the things that have been ingrained into our societal perception whether that was taught to us by the way we were brought up, or the general sentiments that we’re exposed to on the internet and other social spheres.  Unlearning is especially important when it comes to challenging the harmful aspects of perceptions that can limit being your best or others being their best.  Most of the times, the things that one must unlearn are not their fault.  Unlearning encourages you to be more compassionate, and less judgmental.  I value that in myself and is another one of my goals for the year.

learn 3.jpg

Did you make any New Years Resolutions or have you thought about your #OneWord365? I’d love to hear from you in the comments, and together we can stay mindful of our #OneWord365! Make sure to check out the posts from the rest of the eAmbassador team about their One Word.  Here’s to a successful 2017!

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Song of the Week
You Learn – Alanis Morissette
(because, well my word is learn)
SORRY, No Second Chances – Kimba Sorzano
(This is from 2015, but I only found this song recently)



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