Meet The Blogger

I’m Asha! I recently graduated from Glendon with an iBA in International Studies. I did my exchange at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, the Netherlands, and I fell in love with Europe.

I enjoy reading, singing, playing my guitar/ukulele, taking pictures and making new friends.
I also LOVE hugs. Hufflepuffs for the win.
I’m passionate about Media Representation, Education and Social Justice.
Co-founder of GLmetowe.

Have questions? Comment on a post or shoot me a message on Twitter

Twitter: @ashacgl
Instagram: @ashamcollins
Youtube: Asha Collins
Facebook: Asha Collins (Find me in the #GL2018 Group)

2 thoughts on “Meet The Blogger

  1. Amy V.

    Hey Asha! My name is Amy, and I’m really interested in the International Studies program at Glendon!! I’m currently a grade 11 student, so I’m just trying to research a bit more about the program and Glendon itself. I’ve read your blog and it looks like so much fun! I was wondering if you had the time to maybe answer some of my questions? If you could get back to me, that would be amazing!!

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