Exchange Tag ft. Sarah

We found an Exchange Tag on the Internet, and we did a modified version for our blog this week. We hope to give some insight on our pre and post exchange feelings. Enjoy!
(Sorry if some of the footage was blurry, we had some issues :/ )

Tomorrow, November 6, is Fall Campus Day! Visit campus to take a tour, talk to students and profs about programs you’re interested in, watch presentations about academic and financial matters, and sit in on a mock lecture to really get the feel for what a university class is like. We hope to see you there.

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Destination Graduation

It’s September friends! It’s the season of both new beginnings, and endings.  I am beginning my fourth and final year of International Studies, and it’s already bittersweet. Glendon Frosh Week 2016 just ended which means that summer is officially over, and it is time to be back on schedule for another year.  I am looking forward to all fourth year has in store for me.  Motivating me is the idea “Destination Graduation”  – a phrase that that resonated with me when I heard it at the welcome ceremony at Keele Campus on the York wide Orientation Day .  A friend who is on the Pro Tem* board approached me to write a piece with the prompt “Why Are You Here?”  This prompt also inspired this week’s post – I want to reflect on the journey that has brought me to this point in my academic career.

The Glendon Gates

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One Year Later

August 14, 2016. Today marks one year since I left Toronto for my year abroad.  It also marks 2 months since I left Middelburg, to return to Toronto.  This time last year, people were asking me what I was most excited for, this year, people are asking me to tell them how my trip was, and asking me what I want to do after graduation.  My head was spinning last August, and my head continues to spin this August.

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A Week In The Life Of A Glendonite Abroad

Exchange Life is a little bit different from Glendon Life. I vlogged my week to show you part of my world.

Week In The Life Of A Glendonite (at home)

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Song of the Week: Hell No – Ingrid Michaelson
This video is so cute, and the song is great ❤